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Sabeel, Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
Working for Justice, Peace and Reconcilation in Palestine - Israel
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Wave of Prayer: This prayer ministry enables local and international friends of Sabeel to pray over regional concerns on a weekly basis. Sent to Sabeels network of supporters, the prayer is used in services around the world and during Sabeels Thursday Communion service; as each community in its respective time zone lifts these concerns in prayer at noon every Thursday, this wave of prayer washes over the world.
Sabeel Wave of Prayer

March 5, 2015

Over 200 Assyrian Christians were kidnapped from their homes by IS last week in northeastern Syria.  God of mercy, we pray fervently for the protection of these men, women and children and their communities.  May your peace reign in this troubled region plagued by unthinkable violence and extremism.  Lord in your mercy

This week Israel launched a surprise drill in the West Bank to improve military readiness, calling up thousands of reservists.  This was in light of regional instability and the Palestinian Authoritys (PA) dire economic situation due to Israel withholding millions of dollars of owed revenue to the PA.  These military drills provoke and disturb Palestinian communities.  Lord, we pray that instead Israel will uphold its responsibilities under international law to protect the Palestinian people living under military occupation.  Lord in your mercy

This Friday, Christian women everywhere will join together to observe a common day of prayer.  God of grace, we pray that this World Day of Prayer, with the motto, informed prayer and prayerful action, will inspire the work of justice in all of its forms around the globe.  Lord in your mercy

Lord, we pray for the launch of two books at the Notre Dame in Jerusalem this week by our partner, Al-Liqa Center, and for two group visits, one which will be participating in our Contemporary Way of the Cross.  In Nazareth, we ask for your blessing on our ecumenical prayer service for Lent with Father Suhail Khoury. Lord in your mercy

We pray alongside the World Council of Churches for the countries of Andorra, Austria, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and Switzerland.  Lord in your mercy

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