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Sabeel, Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center

Sabeel, Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
Working for Justice, Peace and Reconcilation in Palestine - Israel
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Women's Program

In the face of the increasingly difficult situation, there is an ever-growing need for women throughout the region to join together to face the challenges of everyday life.  Concern for future generations is a powerful motivator for involvement.  Through education, partnership and mutual support, women can have a great impact on society.  Through the Womens Program, Sabeel encourages networks of women, fosters inclusivity, broadens knowledge of existing support resources, and educates women on their spiritual history and their responsibility as Christian women. The womens program also develops the capacity of women to take on leadership roles to build a healthy holistic community.


Womens Program Activities:

  • Together We Build: Day-long networking conferences focusing on the value of Palestinian women, and their rights and involvement in decision-making in their homeland. (West Bank & Jerusalem).
  • Joint Field-Trips: Day trips bring together Palestinian and Israeli Arab women for spiritual reflection, visits to local organizations, and discussion of contemporary topics, as well as actions to bring harmonization in different communities.
  • Women in Ministry: Forums for local women to hear the experiences of women who have played active lay-leadership roles in the church and of international women theologians and ordained ministers. These forums help widen ones approach and understanding of belonging to a global community.

For more information regarding the Womens Program, please contact: community@sabeel.org.


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